Alma Martinez

Quality control

I have worked in quality control across a variety of industries from a young age but Modern Space has really given me the opportunity to grow, develop and put more than 25 years of experience into practice. I have been here since 2020 and am proud of our progress. 

My day starts with saying good morning to my colleagues, since it is important to start the day with a good attitude. Then I walk around the floor making sure that everything starts well since here is a lot of movement in the morning. People start to assemble units or packing, and I must make sure they’re starting off the right way. It includes talking to many people and giving clear instructions.

My role requires interacting with all other departments since everything is somehow related. I like that because it gives me the opportunity to get to know everyone.

Quality makes the name of any company and I like to be part of that importance. I enjoy seeing the results of my work every day. I focus on making sure our clients receive quality products, that’s my mark of success.

I see Modern Space is competitive and successful because the approach of our management team, technologies and innovation mean that we deliver value and superior experience to all our customers, external and internal.