Habib Afolabi


Back in high school and trade school my weld instructors always told me how talented I was, and that I should pursue a career in a manufacturing industry. 

Since then I’ve gained a good variety of knowledge and fabrication experience. Joining Modern Space was pure coincidence, I was walking home from getting my car serviced and saw a sign saying they needed mig and tig welders, so I immediately called and got an interview.

I joined in 2022 and am really enjoying how Modern Space invests in cutting edge technologies, and the training to go with it. It’s very rewarding that everyone’s ideas are listened to and that I’m learning about working across other departments.

My typical day at Modern Space begins with reviewing engineering drawings to understand what I’m going to be working on. From there I consider what’s the most efficient way of building the items. After that my day will consist of operating the various equipment to create the product in line with the design. I regularly interact with our wood and paint departments because what we each do is one part of a bigger process.

I’m looking forward to the implementation of further technologies which will allow us to produce the most creative designs the industry has ever seen.