We create spaces for some of the world’s most exacting companies.


Based in London, arguably the creative capital of the world, we attract talented designers from leading agencies and product design backgrounds.

From strategic insights to concept creation; from brainstorming sketches to transformative virtual reality technologies, our team balances creative freedom with a deep knowledge of what it takes to develop robust commercial solutions.

At some stage, every new concept meets the challenges of cost, lead-time, scalability, durability and sustainability. Considering these real-world factors at the earliest design stages makes us faster, more cost-effective, and ensures our end results are true to the original creative concept.

Modern Space creative in London is our global design hub, coordinating our designers, developers and engineers around the world to arrive at the most effective solutions in the most efficient way.

Development & Engineering

Our founder is an accomplished engineer with demanding standards derived from designing in the world of professional audio equipment.

Our engineers thrive on the detail needed to sustain the premium quality for which we’re renowned. They benefit from 24/7 reference to our in-house manufacturing experts around the world, collaborating to continually push the boundaries of possibility.

Our drawings are deeply-detailed and tightly-toleranced, nothing is left to interpretation. This ensures replication of the same item time after time, in multiple locations to enable the most sustainable global, regional and local manufacturing and delivery model for each project. It also supports our agility to easily move manufacturing locations to avoid the impact of fluid world situations.

Understanding your specific sustainability goals is key. We evaluate materials, finishes, processes, and how finished items will be disassembled to support a circular economy.

Adoption of AI-driven generative design technologies enables us to make the transition from engineering to manufacture even more seamless.


As digital transformation proponents, we continually invest in Industry 4.0 technologies, propelling our 500,000ft² of global facilities towards smart factory environments.

Our convention is to manufacture everything ourselves; minimizing the uncertainty of external dependencies, innovating new techniques, managing cost, schedule and safety, maintaining consistently premium quality, controlling environmental and ethical standards.

We were one of the first overseas companies in our industry to open in China, pioneering sustainability processes including the use of water-based paints, and constantly investing in future-proof technologies.

We don’t have manufacturing restrictions. If a project calls for a process that’s new to us, we invest in the very best resources to bring it in-house in the cleanest way.

We are committed to reducing our impact on the planet. Our Shanghai facility is subject to some of the strictest environmental codes in the world, setting the benchmark for all of our global facilities.


AI and the Internet Of Things are just two of the technologies shaping today’s consumer experiences, and the rate of development is accelerating faster than ever before.

Our ongoing investment in technologies throughout the company is testament to our belief in the power of digital transformation. We want our clients, solutions and products to benefit from the same levels of innovation. For that reason we do not attempt to market our own technology products, because such in-house ranges are outdated so quickly.

Instead, we adopt the same proven approach as makers of the world-leading consumer products which we all use everyday, from our cars to phones. Our developers research the latest technologies, source the best components and assemble a solution customized specifically for your project.


We want your experience of getting items to market to be as smooth as our design and manufacturing process.

Our logistics experts in Asia, Europe and the Americas collaborate to ensure that we move items around the world in the most efficient and sustainable way.

The exponential rise of ecommerce means that our personal expectations of delivery standards are higher than ever before. Recognizing that the last mile is critical, we partner with local logistic specialists who understand our business, the items we’re shipping, the individual nuances of final destinations, and have the digital infrastructure to make the journey fully transparent.


Our regional and local teams operate independently and collaborate globally to implement complex, seamless programs.

You benefit from our project teams based in your local regions, liaising with stakeholders and partners to; manage inventories, third-party goods and services, coordinate site surveys, general contracting, installation, reviews and handovers. Our regional and local infrastructure optimizes environmental efficiencies.

Our regions are connected as one global project team through secure digital systems. We integrate future-state business concepts such as blockchain models and smart contracts with modern-state ERP, resulting in lite-touch program management processes.

Roll-out programs can be transparently managed via online portals individually customized to your needs.

Field Services

Beyond initial implementation, our field service teams ensure that your spaces continue to look as good and function as safely as the day they were first installed.

Our local teams continue to take care of your entire program well beyond initial implementation. From ensuring your brand is always updated with the latest graphic, digital and product assets, to preventative and corrective maintenance, protecting the heath and safety of your colleagues and consumers. Our constant goal is to complete all work during one visit to minimize disruption and environmental impact.

We support your sustainability objectives by ensuring that recover, reuse and recycle opportunities are optimized.

Field service information can be managed through your own customized online program management portal for full transparency.