Daniel Luk

Group Finance Manager

Daniel Luk Modern Space

I have joined Modern Space family as Group Finance Manager since Feb 2022. I am responsible to oversee the financial performance and position globally. Before I joined Modern Space, I worked in international accounting firms for 10 years. Modern Space have amazing journey of development and growth in recently years. I am happy that I can join this dynamic company and use my experience and profession knowledge to contribute the success of Modern Space.  

As Group Finance Manager, I work with the accounting teams in different countries; Hong Kong, Shanghai, UK, US, and Netherlands. Modern Space gives me the opportunities to work with different people in different culture. It is amazing experience. Normally, I need to closely communicate with them to obtain financial data to prepare my analysis to the whole group, report on change or trend, and discuss with the team in detail to find out the reason and give advice for them. I have learnt a lot of knowledge other than accounting during this communication process. 

To understand and improve the workflow, I also communicate with other departments like sales department, logistics department, HR department, etc. In Modern Space, we can freely share our view and opinion to improve what we are doing. All the view and opinion are valuable to the success of Modern Space. 

Apart from the routine works, we are developing the accounting system integration. It is rare experience and very challenging but we have talented people in Modern Space to overcome any challenges. 

Recently, I am travelling to Los Angeles to support our US colleagues. It is my first time to US and the experience is amazing! You never walk alone in Modern Space – if you need support, the colleagues around the world are your strong backup. 

Although Modern Space have offices in different countries, we are connected closely by the good communication tool and software. I very enjoy my days in Modern Space that everyone is friendly and funny.