Ding Chen

Engineering Supervisor

I have worked with Modern Space since 2013, starting as a Design Drafter to my current position as Engineering Supervisor. Before Modern Space, I worked in a factory specialized in producing wood fixture and display. Modern Space gives me the opportunity to develop my knowledge of material characteristics and manufacturing processes about other raw materials like metal, glass, acrylic and much more.

My typical day starts with emails, connecting with colleagues and clients. I arrange a meeting with my team to review all projects and schedule our timeline, we also brainstorm how we will overcome obstacles to ensure optimization of projects and quality of work. I have always been very customer orientated, I genuinely care about providing high level of skills and support to our customers and enjoy working with my team to achieve this.  I consistently demonstrate this, and it is something I am very proud of.

As an Engineering Supervisor, in addition to working with my team, I also work closely with other departments, geographically and globally. I like this corporation because I learn a lot from my colleagues, letting me work more actively and diligently. I am delighted of what my team and I have achieved over the last 10 years. Modern Space has accelerated the pace of development, with the correct guidance of the company’s leaders and strong support of all colleagues. I am a proud member of the team and looking forward to developing my skills and knowledge and continuing to add value to the team.