Jackie Huang

Engineering Supervisor (Shanghai)

Jackie Huang Modern Space

I’m a Supervisor of the Engineering department of Modern Space in Shanghai. I’ve been working here for over 10 years, starting my career as a Designer before being promoted to Supervisor of my team.

Before Modern Space I was a process designer specializing in sheet metal. When Modern Space was going to open its metal production shop I was invited to join. Modern Space gives me the opportunity to expand my expertise in sheet metal design and learn the processes of other materials including wood. These experiences give me a better understanding and make me a better designer.

I usually start my day dealing with the urgent emails. After that I do a regular review with the Program Managers about the latest updates of all the running programs, and also we do some important preview of the new programs which we’re going to launch. 

Then, it’s the time to spend with my team members. We check together the progress of each program to make sure the timing is under control and come up with any solutions needed. At the end of the meeting I assign new tasks to the team.

Then I start my own work of creating models and drawings, interacting with our Program Managers, Production, Procurement and Commercial teams. 

I enjoy that Modern Space gives me a platform to take my design ideas and turn them into reality. My good focus, new ideas and team management skills all help my success.

In the recent years I’ve seen more and more players come into this industry, competition is increasing. So, we have to look into our advantages and take good use of them.

Creativity, communication and accountability are engraved in the culture of Monderspace, things we feel and we execute in our daily life here. I think the culture is big in Modern Space’s success. We are not just simply following the clients’ requests, we bring our own values which make us first choice. In addition, the global capabiliies of Modern Space are a great advantage.