Jenny Gui

Field Service Director (Shanghai)

Jenny Gui Modern Space

I have been in Modern Space for almost 9 years. Before that I was office manager in a Dutch trading company, working with different clients, vendors, authorities and agents, solving all kinds of issues. Experience there made me understand the importance of communication. 

I joined Modern Space to set up the Field Service team in Shanghai. With my team in APAC, we provide clients high-quality on-site services including survey, installation, preventative maintenance, on-demand repair, retrofit etc.

When I first joined we were a small team of 4 technicians, carrying out preventative maintenance on just over 20 stores in China only. Now, we are almost 50 in the team, we’ve installed thousands of stores across APAC and are responsible for ongoing maintenance and on-demand services. I’m so proud that I’ve participated in and witnessed the teams’ development and grow with it. 

I stay close to our clients and listen to their feedback to improve our service from the details. We are problem-solvers and help with anything our clients need, thinking for them before we are asked.

We work with long-term partners in areas where we don’t have our own service team, including Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Korea and Japan. We go wherever clients need us. We have very strict standards on partner authentication; we arrange training for these teams to make sure they provide the same professional service as own people.

I’m usually based in our downtown office. Communication with my colleagues is not a problem because our company is organized to operate globally. At least once a week, I go to our headquarters. I most cherish the chance to talk with our supervisors and technicians. These road warriors are super busy that I take any chance to meet them. It’s always beneficial to listen since they are the ones who understand best the on-site situations and always bring back most valuable feedbacks.

We have a meeting every Monday where we share updates of each department, understand achievements or challenges, and brainstorm for improvements. 

There’s also regular communications with teams across other Modern Space global offices for project updates and to share information/experiences. Sharing with different teams helps us to scale new heights.

I appreciate the chance Modern Space has given to me. With no previous background in manufacture industry, Modern Space realized my capability and strength, and given me the opportunity of self-development.

I’m lucky to be part of a great team of Designers, Supervisors, Co-ordinators, Installers and Technicians; everyone in the team is professional, responsible, passionate and dedicated. With this great team, we have realized rapid growth, built a good reputation and become clients’ first choice. We’ll face new challenges, but we are never afraid of them, instead we embrace them.

From concept consultation to production, from project management to on-site service, from global logistics to warehousing, our service gives clients one contact point for all aspects, which makes their work much easier and more efficient.

Rich experience in the industry enables Modern Space to provide top level quality of products and service, and offices around the world allow Modern Space to offer solutions for clients’ global ambitions.

Moreover, Modern Space has people from different backgrounds, countries and cultures. The diversity enables us to provide clients with more creative, flexible and practical solutions on a global scale.

COVID changes the world a lot. Both clients and ourselves are trying our best to adapt. I feel that sustainability and flexibility will be factors to win the future. 

During my spare time, I like reading. Reading various books can bring me to places I have never been, go through times I have never lived, experience all those have never been happened to me. I like movies. The art means of directors and performance skills of artists can always make those simple stories impressive. Being moved, sad or excited, as audience, we learn from the characters and think about our own life. Recently, baking has become my new hobby. I always spend some time on weekends with my boy making our creations. We enjoy not only delicious cakes and breads but also happy family time.