Leion Wang

Project Manager

My journey with Modern Space started in 2015 in what I can only recall as one of the hottest Augusts! With 4 years-experience in export sales in customized hospitality furniture to my role with Modern Space as Project Manager, kickstarting a new and exciting stage in my career. My wealth of experience benefited my work with production processes, ensuring I am able to provide better and more streamlined services headquartering in Shanghai facility.

Based in Shanghai, providing industry leading retail fixtures and environments to clients around the globe, my day starts with admin, leasing with clients, colleagues, and partners from each stretch of the world. Versatile interactions internally including meetings and team discussions, as well as research with teams from planning, production, engineering, purchasing, QC, freight, installation, maintenance, and finance departments. Working closely with my team and colleagues around the world, to ensure workflow optimization. As a global Modern Space team, we encourage and motivate each other throughout all aspects, embracing success in our work.

I am proud of being a part of the Modern Space team, to challenge our clients’ expectations and the retail environment, always leading in this thriving industry.