Lu Jingxian

Project Management Director (Shanghai)

I have been working for Modern Space for almost 15 years, how time flies! 

After I graduated from university, I joined in Modern Space as an assistant with multiple tasks; programming CNC machines, designing loading map/packaging, running a small warehouse to control tooling inventory/ordering, repolishing and design, supervising work efficiency in the shop and providing suggestions.

Modern Space taught me how to design BOM structure and use 3D design software. Within one year, I had a full understanding from how we design the fixture within budget, to structuring the job in the system from production to shipment and customer feedback.

Then I became the first Project Manager in Modern Space! And went on to help build our Project Management teams to fully support clients with high levels of service. 

My Project Director role is a complex one. Every day can be a new adventure. I could probably say no other job in the world across virtually every industry is more diverse and more unpredictable. I will get ‘surprise’ every day and that’s what makes it so much fun, I will never get bored of it.

There is no typical day but I try to give structure by first checking emails from clients to provide prompt feedback, then any early client calls.

I work with Project Management team to define priorities, requirements, deliverables and timeframes. We go through new project plans, updates and milestones with cross function team including planning, engineering, purchasing and QC.

Then we brainstorm with the whole management team to manage resource, resolve issues and update with any news from clients.

I feel a big responsibility to guide and motivate the Project Management team towards success.

COVID has disrupted retail industry, but the developing economies have been instrumental in driving market growth. So I think we still have a lot of opportunities. We will work together and go for it!