Marilyn Zarco

HR Generalist

Marilyn Zarco Modern Space

In my role as the HR Generalist, it is important for me to interact with all departments. My role functions on people-related tasks and activities in an organization. I have 4 years of experience working in Human Resources and received my MS in Leadership and Management with a concentration in Human Resources Management.

A typical day at Modern Space begins with greeting my colleagues, reading emails, and having a cup of coffee to start my day. Being an HR Generalist in our environment means being an advocate for our business, a partner to our management team, and a supporter of our employees. While no two days are the same, much of my time is focused on the upkeep of time and attendance to prepare for payroll and other HR tasks that involve onboarding, recruitment, benefits, etc.

During my time at Modern Space, I have been able to build rapport with the employees all while assisting them with any HR related concerns or questions. Building rapport is the key to being successful in HR as we should know our employees and maintain a healthy working relationship with them as we are our employees’ point of contact. It is because of building rapport and relationships with employees that I am successful in my role.

Before coming to Modern Space, the HR department was not established, and employees were hesitant to approach HR for any questions or concerns. In establishing rapport, working relationship and a new HR department, employees can now voice their concerns. Modern Space allows me the opportunity to do my job as an HR Generalist by providing support in all areas of my growth to better provide and support for our employees. The future trends that I predict for our industry and for our clients are the utmost success. I am excited to see all the new projects to come and for the new talent that will be joining our company.