Mike Zhou

Logistics Supervisor (Shanghai)

Mike Zhou Modern Space

I joined Modern Space 2019. Time has passed quickly and Modern Space has helped me grow from Logistics Specialist to Logistics Supervisor. 

My background is in the chemicals industry. Modern Space sees the professional benefits I bring and gives me new opportunities for learning and growth. At present I am responsible for the overseas and domestic logistics of the company. I make shipping documents and coordinate relationships with freight forwarders, customs, and government departments. Sometimes it’s hard to do that, but I try my best to do.

In my daily work I enjoy dealing with many other departments such as Finance, Project Management, Commercial, Field Service and Sourcing. My role includes supporting these departments and provide the best solution to satisfy the clients’ needs, 

Like other companies, we design and manufacture displays for clients, but we really listen and understand the needs of clients and inject our design and creation inspiration. I think this is a big difference for Modern Space.

The global economy is affected by the COVID-19 pandemic and many industries are in the doldrums, But Modern Space is just the opposite, our orders continue to grow, so I have reason to believe that the company’s performance will be better and better.

I’m proud to be here, I thank the company for the opportunity to grow and hope to continuously improve myself in the future.