Raven Wang

Assistant Reporting Manager (Shanghai)

I have been working in Modern Space only since the beginning of 2022. My current role is Assistant Reporting Manager in the Finance team. I bring 3 years experience as a senior auditor with PwC. It was my career decision to join Modern Space as a leading company in a specific industry to gain practical and management experience.

I deal with multiple teams such as Project Management, Sourcing, Production and Warehouse. I process many kinds of forms to meet different needs. I see my role as a bridge between departments, integrating information from different teams. 

At the end of the month I export the detailed reports of our companies to integrate all the financial information into proper forms to meet the needs of Hong Kong company. Besides that, there are many data analysis to do to conclude the monthly performance.

My previous work rarely engaged in manufacturing but, in my past few months, I started to learn from scratch the knowledge of custom manufacturing, and learned about the process from quotation, purchase, production and sales. As leaders in the industry, Modern Space gives me a complete understanding of designing, manufacturing and rolling-out custom programmes.

In the Modern Space family, every colleague is very kind. I quickly established good relationships with every colleague in the Finance team and my colleagues in all departments guide me how to operate different systems and patiently answered my questions which helped me to gradually have a deep understanding of the company, and let me feel the enthusiasm and warmth of Modern Space.