Sam Watson

Senior Designer

Sam Watson Modern Space

My typical day starts with a brisk walk through central London, coffee in hand to our studio situated in the renowned Covent Garden. It’s great way to start the day and allows me to clear my head, feed off the buzz of the city and get that important caffeine hit! I’ll settle in at my desk, catch up on emails and review the tasks ahead.

The London studio is home to Modern Space Creative, our global hub which connects all our design, development and engineering functions around the world. Our team is also responsible for our front-end creative services, so we’re regularly on video calls with our colleagues in the US and Asia. 

Prior to joining Modern Space my first experience was working client-side with retailing giant Tesco as a design assistant. I was fascinated by the impact in-store environments and displays have on showcasing products and influencing customers. I’ve spent the last 9 years forging my career working with design companies specializing in retail fixture, POS and VM design. I’d previously worked with Modern Space’s Design Director, so when the opportunity came up to collaborate again at Modern Space I jumped at the chance.

Modern Space has given me the opportunity to step-up into a senior role and there hasn’t been a dull moment since starting at the beginning of 2022! At times it’s a baptism of fire but completing projects is a great feeling and all the experiences will stand me in good stead.

We’re a company that identifies talented people and invests in them. To align with the company’s CAD systems, I was immediately on an intensive training course. This has been invaluable in my development and future success within the business. Being involved in international projects and the prospects of international travel are also amazing growth opportunities.

I’m ambitious, keen to continue learning and establish myself as a key member of the design department. We have a great team who share the same goals, vision and ability to support one another through projects.

Modern Space is definitely on an upward trajectory and there’s a real buzz of excitement. We have a new clear and ambitious vision that speaks a different language from anyone else in our industry, based on future business trends, which can only be a good thing. 

Regardless of the behemoth that is online retail, I believe shoppers will always yearn for that in-store retail experience, especially after the last two years. To get out of the house and visit those retail destinations – to shop, eat, be entertained. We’re seeing successful retailers blending physical and digital retail together – the two creating a better customer experience, increasing sales, adapting to customers’ needs and giving them a reason to return.