Quality Manager

Shanghai, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, China

Role summary

  • Be in charge of quality department function, work out QA people duties, include a skills matrix, and as appropriate personal development plans and implement aggressive development/upgrade plan is to be immediately enacted.
  • Be responsible for the establishment and maintenance of the quality management system and improve quality processes and coordinate the work of relevant departments in Modern Space.

 Essential responsibilities

  • Fully updated documented quality process, including a communication and training plan to have commenced.
  • Evaluation and improvement strategy of inbound materials inspection, including at the supplier prior MS’s receipt as and if appropriate.
  • Be responsible for approval of products acceptance.
  • Be responsible for quality/test lab, including qualified people and equipment with metrology guidance.
  • Be responsible for QA people performance assessment, set KPIs, monitored and published, along with corrective action plans.
  • Be responsible for DHR assign, quality issues analysis, and participate in disposal and reporting.
  • Be responsible for the coordination and preparation of external audits or inspections to quality management system.
  • Be responsible for customer complaint handling.
  • Participate in product design and development review, risk management and change control.
  • Hire, coach and develop subordinates per business requirement and personal development consideration.
  • Building Strong customer relationships and delivering customer-centric solutions
  • Strong logic thinking ability and team management skill.
  • Strong cross-functional team spirit and consistently achieving results, even under tough circumstances.

Preferred qualifications

  • Bachelor’s degree or above with at least 10 years’ experience on Fixture industry or related.
  • Practice experience in leading quality improvement activities/projects, have a deep knowledge about products.
  • Good communication skills have experience with quality system management.
  • Familiar with office software, can use English as working language.

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